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British Asian Womens Awards 2024

Nadia Ali (CEO of Make a Difference)


Make a Difference community group brings together and fosters understanding amongst local people from the diverse communities across Greater Manchester. We facilitate promote, support and develop recreational activities, events, fundraising, and project planning support, catering, and trips out. We welcome and support people with special needs and disabilities from all backgrounds to all our activites and events.

Domestic Violence

Come and join #Stockport Women & Girls’ Network (#SWAG Network) with hosts Stockport #Race ´Equality Partnership (S-REP) at their #wellbeing hub for #EthnicallyDiversePeople living in Stockport. We will discuss how best to support a friend or relative suffering from #DomesticViolence and/or #DomesticAbuse.

A #multicultural lunch will be provided.

Mental Health

Here are some links for support with mental health. They are there for you.

As women, we often juggle multiple roles – as caregivers, professionals, partners, and friends. The demands of daily life can take a toll on our mental health. Make a Difference  offers a range of articles, guides, and resources addressing the challenges unique to women, from managing stress in the workplace to navigating relationships and self-care.

Make a Difference working in partnership with local communities

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