Make a Difference Community

Action Plan

Make a Difference community group brings together and fosters understanding amongst local people from the diverse communities across Greater Manchester.



Supporting Women and Girls in Employment



• Women and Girls need more peer support/upskilling opportunities.

• To help women and girls gain skills and self-esteem to realise they can take a path of their choice, not the path that they think is for them.

• To showcase existing support for women/girls in Stockport to be prepared for employment.

• Employers in Stockport need to be inclusive and prepared to support a diverse group of women and girls i.e SEND, LGBT+ etc.

• To support women’s mental health for employment.

• To understand what the DWP is able to share with the community.

• Knowledge and understanding with employment rights relating to women i.e childcare, maternity etc.

Feeling safe and heard in Stockport communities

• Supported female spaces to talk. For example, Girls’ youth clubs.

• More support for women who newly arrive in the country.

• More women’s voices at representation meetings and more encouragement for people to be heard.

• Safe spaces for young women/girls.

• What is on offer for women in Stockport.

• Strategically linking into statutory organisations.

Women and Girl’s health/mental health

• Training and information about women’s health – Stockport specific.

Women and Girl’s Education and training

• There is no consistent training offer for Stockport inc knowing the demographics of Stockport.

• Events and awareness raising.

• Education with schools re-protected characteristics.