Make a Difference Community


Make a Difference community group brings together and fosters understanding amongst local people from the diverse communities across Greater Manchester.

Our Purpose

This project is our work with a small community of vulnerable Pakistani women, vulnerable because of gender, racial and class-based discrimination.
Every day they live in extreme poverty and deprivation to a level we cannot imagine. Imagine what they truly face – domestic violence, suicide, poverty, colourism and class-based stigma.
The first goal with these first 10-12 women is to help them build their self-esteem and heal enough from their traumas while getting enough food for themselves and their families, emotional resilience. With those in place the second goal is to build financial resilience, be self-sustaining through finding enough paid work and, further down the line, have all-women enterprises set up.
It started off in September 2022 with a visit to Gujranwala to use the community development model that Nadia Ali uses successfully here in Stockport.
Nadia says It’s not fair that a woman and her children have to live like this. If we can help them in any way, why not?
Since launching this project in March 2023, there have been changes and we encourage you to look at how your contribution has made an impact on their lives in the Updates.
Move onto Case Studies where you get to meet these women and their stories.